Law of Addition


The Law of Addition is one of the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, as outlined by John C. Maxwell. This law states that leaders add value by serving others. In other words, a leader's true worth is determined by how much they contribute to others, rather than their personal achievements or success. This principle is supported by many biblical teachings, which emphasize the importance of serving others and putting their needs before our own.

In Proverbs 27:2, Let someone praise you and not your own mouth an outsider and not your own lips.
It talks about us not being boastful. As a leader, be conversational and find interest in your people. If you will take care of your team, they will take care of you too.

One of the most notable examples of this principle in action is the story of Jesus washing his disciples' feet. In John 13:1-17, Jesus demonstrates the value of serving others by taking on the role of a servant and washing his disciples' feet. Despite being their leader and...

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Overcoming Fear


Fear is a powerful emotion that can keep us from achieving our goals and reaching our potential. But we can overcome it, and today we'll be discussing how working on and investing in a positive mindset is crucial to do so. We'll also be looking at examples of leaders in the Bible who overcame fear and followed God's plan for their lives.

Let's start with the importance and value of working on a positive mindset. Our minds are powerful and they can shape our thoughts, emotions, and actions. A positive mindset enables us to see the good in situations, and focus on our strengths instead of our weaknesses. It helps us to have hope and to believe that good things can happen, even in the midst of difficult circumstances. In Philippians 4:8, Paul reminds us to think about things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, and praiseworthy.

Now let's look at some examples of leaders in the Bible who overcame fear and followed God. In the Old Testament, we see the story...

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Tina Rains | Progress to Success


Everything you do is for a purpose and a plan. The worst thing you can do as an entrepreneur is to think of yourself as a failure in your identity.
Think of the progress you have not made for 2022. Spend time with God and ask for renewed passion, vision, and goals for 2023. We are a masterpiece and were created in His image to do what He has called us to do. We all go through hard times, but we must continue moving forward. Always remember your reason to help you get motivated towards the goal.
Everything you do is based on your algorithms. Who is your avatar? Build relationships with them. One small step at a time.
For 2023, don’t quit anything. Focus on small pieces. Strive for progress, not perfection. Don’t compare yourself to others. Do what works for you in every area of your life.
Be Courageous! Especially in the NEW areas God is calling you to do. Success will not land on your lap if you don’t work hard.
In this progress, the journey doesn’t get...

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Dr. Joy Poskozim and Tina Rains | Take the Risk


Integrative Dentistry is more than dental work; it looks more into the overall health. It’s looking outside the box. Integrative Dentistry looks at your overall health thoroughly asking many questions commonly not asked by your dentists.
Dr. Poskozim had zero Business building education for dentistry. She worked as an associate for a few years and she realized after 7 years following her graduation to start her own practice. Her practice started in 2006 in the State of Illinois.
The hardest thing when transitioning was educating the new clients on the value of integrative dentistry.
Joy’s niche is going to geriatric patients’ homes and providing Palliative Care. More importantly, geriatric patients need an overall deep dive into their health before being them with any dental service.

Dr. Poskozim did not have a mentor when she started, but highly recommends having one. In her field, she didn't know where to look for a mentor 15 years ago.
The best piece of advice she...

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Tina Rains: Does Practice Make Perfect?




Practice makes perfect! We have heard it over and over again, But do we apply it in our lives and in business?
Practice is one of the keys to reaching your goal and success. Don't focus on being perfect, strive for progress.
It is so essential to implement it! You want to get to a place where you are practicing what your goals are.
Many women have spoken out about the fear of making videos and being on social media. If you have fear, get a coach and join a mastermind to help you fear. Do it scared.
Also, don't get stuck in the stage of learning, learning, learning. You need to implement what you learn. Don’t let fear paralyze you. The best way to build a business in this economy is to build your influence. Speak into people’s lives. You won't attract everyone. You will attract your avatar and add value to that. When we...

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Talk about Efficiency with Tina Rains


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Today our topic is Efficiency. It can be something we struggle with! As models to our team, it is imperative that we model it and teach them. Part of it is time management.

Let's talk about it as a leader. How can you be more efficient? Especially in these tough times. How are you meeting your goals? Even on a weekly basis, have a set of goals and make a plan of action. Take your day and breakdown, make a plan of action and follow it to achieve your goal and not get distracted. A key factor to doing it is accepting that you don't have to be an expert!

Make sure you are focused on your goals, purpose, dreams, and your visions. Help your team, know your team to plan what’s important to them, not just your cooperation.

Your team will be more efficient when the family is prioritized. They will complain less and make sure they know we value them. Overturn of people can be expensive. We as leaders work as...

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Danelle Meoli | Self Care begins with Mindset


Are you where you want to be personally and in business? In this podcast, Danelle Meoli, business leader and founder of a brand new health and wellness company, breaks down the importance of speaking life and being mindful of your words.

Danelle Meoli is a faith-filled, accomplished 8-figure Entrepreneur, Personal Development Mentor, passionate motivational speaker, and published author. She is the Founder and Chief Sales Officer of Awakend, a newly launched Direct Sales company that distributes outstanding wellness products with a focus on mindset training to accelerate achievement. She is an inductee into the 2020 GoPro Million Dollar Hall of Fame and 2021 NUL Million Dollar Circle. Danelle is devoted to helping people rewire their thought life so they can begin to win in life at levels they never thought possible. She has spoken all over the world on mastering one’s mindset to attract success in every area of one's life.

As a leader, She knew early in life she wanted to be...

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Multiple Sources of Income


Most of us earn income by trading time for money. In other words we go to a job, work a set number of hours and are compensated for those hours. So we trade our time for money. Keep in mind everyone has the same number of hours in a day so if you work harder or longer, you can only work up to 24 hours a day as that is all there is. So there is a limit to how much time you can trade for money.

Some of us earn income by trading money for money. An example would be investments that generate income through dividends and interest. We are no longer trading our time for money because it is working for us while we do other things.

Few of us earn income through multiple sources. This is how most people who have wealth build it. Multiple sources of income is having income coming in from different avenues that do not require trading time for money or trading money for money but a combination of many different ways to generate income.

The advantages to having multiple sources is that if one...

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4 Steps to Overcoming Challenges

So many people wish life was easier, with less challenges and obstacles but without challenges, life becomes stagnant and we stop growing.  Challenges help us uncover who we are and allow us to become better people and even draw us closer to our creator. My greatest times of growth have been during my most difficult challenges.  Can you relate? When I have a challenge, my very first step is to pray for wisdom and direction then I implement a simple 4-step method.

Let’s examine a very simple 4-step method to overcoming challenges.

First,  state the problem clearly.  When we are faced with challenges, we tend to avoid the issue and run the other way burying our heads in the sand hoping it goes away.  Or we may say – ok, there is an obstacle, instead of heading right to it and plowing through, I am going to look for another path and even though that is not the way I want to go – it looks easier… less headache… but rarely does...

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