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Start Your Digital Marketing Business Today

Build Your Online Business Today

Utilize our products to skyrocket sales in your current network marketing, digital products, or brick & mortar business. PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE FOR ALL PRODUCTS & Resell rights on most products.

Reels to Riches Make Money From Reels - Comes w/ Master Resell rights for 100% profit


This COMPREHENSIVE course will teach you everything you need to know about creating content that converts to sales and comes with Master Resell Rights!

This guide is for you if you want to:

  • Make daily sales through your content

  • Create REELS that speak to your target audience

  • Move your target audience to become clients


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START HERE! SIMPLY PASSIVE -Digital Marketing + Social Media course for beginners. Comes w/Master Resell rights for 100% profit


This program is a great program for the experienced digital marketer or those with ZERO experience. Wherever YOU are at in your journey, this course was created just for YOU. This program is for brick and motar businesses wanting to increase sales on line as well as those wanting to build an online business. 

SIMPLY PASSIVE has 45+ video modules, templates, checklists, and MASTER RESELL RIGHTS! 


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per month

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Get 1,000 OSSA.AI credits for free when you create an account and activate your free trial.

What’s included
Generate Short-Form Videos
1000 Credits
Multiple Unique Voices
Automatic Subtitle Generation
12+ Video Styles
15+ Subtitle Fonts
Fully Monetizable
Max Video Length of 15 Seconds

Save time and money with these short videos made by AI. 

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The PLR Project 100% Resell and 70% Affiliate Program


Gain access to 200 digital products that you can rebrand and sell as your own for whatever price you want!

PLUS … there will be weekly digital products added for free!

The PLR PROJECT has every niche you could imagine: Fitness/Mental Health/Digital Marketing and every category in between!

Once you purchase the PLR PROJECT… you not only have access to the library of digital products to use as you want ….BUT you can also become an affiliate and can sell access to the PROJECT and receive 70% commissions.

The PLR PROJECT is a ‘ TWO FOR ONE’ way to bring in extra income!!

ONE: you have the products themselves to sell for 100% profit.

Two: you have the affiliate program to bring in 70% commissions when you share the PLR Project with others.

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Create Your Own Membership Platform


People buy a product, they stay for the community.  Build Your Community Now.

This Step by Step program helps you every step of the way. Invest in yourself today to enjoy your family and future doing the things that are most important to you.
What you'll get:

Video Training
How to start and figure out your niche
Setting up your site
Marketing & Sales
Opportunity to become an Affiliate for 50% commissions

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Social Media Graphics Ready for You to Upload

Social Media Graphics Ready for You to Upload to Your Social Media Site. Non branded, ready made social media graphics. 30 creative inspirational quotes or scriptures (you select which you prefer) made in a variety of color schemes. Purple | Green | Orange | Mixed













Discover the blueprint for blending faith and business with "A Beginner's Guide: Foundations of Faith."

Authored by Tina Rains, RN, this concise guide equips entrepreneurs with biblical principles to build a business that reflects their spiritual values. Elevate your entrepreneurial journey with integrity and purpose.

Live and Grow in Your Purpose and Passion

THE FIRST STEP IN BUILDING BUSINESS IS MINDSET. Are you tired of feeling stuck and unfulfilled? Are you ready to unleash your full potential and become the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF? Don't let fear hold you back any longer. Our Empowerment Program is designed to help you conquer your mountains and become a true Rainmaker in your personal and professional life. With the guidance and support of our expert coach, you'll develop the skills and confidence you need to thrive and succeed. Join us today and take the first step towards a brighter future!

Masterpiece Empowerment Program


12 week Online Course

Masterpiece Empowerment Community Access 

Free 1 hour Strategy Session



Masterpiece Empowerment Program



12 week Online Course

Masterpiece Empowerment Community Access 

Free 1 hour Strategy Session



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