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Tina has spoken to small intimate groups as well as to groups of almost 2000 people.  She has been on many TV networks, radio shows and speaks at events on a variety of topics.  Request a call today to have Tina add value to your event or program.

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"A dynamic leader herself, Tina provides coaching and guidance to leaders of all ages no matter where you are in your career. Tina provides powerful tools to change lives and inspires people to take action. I cannot thank her enough! She coached me through my first leadership position almost 15 years ago. Tina continues to guide and support me today. She is a friend, colleague and mentor in all aspects of my life! Don’t miss an opportunity to experience her positive energy."

Paula (Skinner) Axtell
BSN, RN,CNOR Executive Interim Management & Consulting

"Tina consistently delivers powerful motivational coaching resulting in positive results for your personal career and business growth. She has consistently empowered me during times of career refinement and when needed redirection. Her coaching is life changing. I initially met Tina when we served together as Board of Director members for the Boys and Girls Club and in the American Red Cross Heart Circle of Broward County. Since then I have been blessed with continuing opportunities of working with Tina as her Executive Communications Consultant at Operation Mobilization, Ascend Staffing and now Masterpiece Women."

Michele Nadeem - Baker
Chief Communications Officer, Crisis Communications Expert, Patient Influencer and Patient Advocate

"I just want to take a moment to recommend Tina Rains business coaching. Tina's coaching style is one that is encouraging, supportive and effective while offering valuable well thought out feedback. What I love the most is that it is spiritually based. I'm very grateful to have Tina on my team."

Sheri Garner
Professional Licensed Mortgage Broker and Business Owner

"I have heard that brilliant coaching is about asking the right question at the right experience, Tina is genius at question asking. "

Melinda Lee Foster
Entreprenuer, Board Member at Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale

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Masterpiece Empowerment Program



12 week Online Course

Masterpiece Empowerment Community Access 

Free 1 hour Strategy Session



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